Recycling Construction PPE - Benefits of Proper Waste Disposal

Recycling Construction PPE - Benefits of Proper Waste Disposal
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Construction Protective Equipment - PPE doesn’t stop with the pandemic

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, CMT Group is significantly expanding our PPE recycling capabilities and we seek to make this increasingly important service widely available to the Construction sector. As such a vital supplier to the Industry, we see our role as a critical influencer in leading sustainable and environmental initiatives and actively assisting our customers in achieving their ambitions in carbon reduction. CMT has partnered with leading secure destruction specialists to provide a nationwide service for the destruction and recycling of all types of PPE. By adopting the circular economy practice, we can transform our used resources through effective waste management and significantly reduce our environment's impact. CMT will be delighted to support you. PPE – A Construction Consumable  PPE has certainly become a more significant household item in the last year, but anyone working in construction or other potentially dangerous or hazardous settings will know that PPE, and the proper disposing of PPE, is essential to safe job operation. Gloves, Face masks and Safety specs; just a few items that are workplace essentials for Construction workers. As with many PPE items, they have a limited life-span, often being ‘single-use’ for hygiene or safety purposes. As well as this, prolonged usage of these items can also decrease the level of protection they provide.  To read more about the importance of construction PPE, you can find our blog here. So if you need to regularly replace PPE in order to stay safe, what can you do with the old PPE? With PPE often constructed of plastics and polymers, it can be hard to know the best way to deal with your end-of-life product. Take safety boots and helmets; much like masks, these items won’t break down quickly, and unlike masks, they are typically not as small. This means they’ll be taking up a large amount of space in landfill whilst taking a huge length of time to decompose.

Benefits of proper PPE disposal

Disposing of your PPE with care has a number of important benefits other than keeping waste out of landfill. Much like disposing of construction waste is important to company image and health and safety, so it the correct disposal of PPE.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Reputation

Proper management of construction waste in all its forms is vital to meeting CSR expectations. Monitoring and managing your PPE waste as you would other site waste helps a business better understand the amount of waste produced, and help to limit excess waste. It also means you can minimise transportation costs, reducing unnecessary emissions. This is not only beneficial to the environment but is also an economically superior option, as it will help you save money on unnecessary equipment and the cost of acquiring it. Acting with corporate social responsibility is tied closely with saving money. Investing in an ethical and environmentally conscious manner will save you money in the long run whilst also marking your business as one that cares about it’s impacts on the planet and society. Reputation is a key factor in building a business that flourishes. Having a good relationship with the communities you work in, as well as clients and other companies will demonstrate to future clients that you’re a company worth working with. When compared to competitors, if you have a history of mindful practice and positive contribution, you will stand out as the preferable choice. Disposing of PPE and other waste properly will contribute to making you a stand out performer.  

Encouraging more sustainable practice & building company-wide awareness

Leading by example is a great way to encourage others to engage in sustainable practice. If, as a company, you demonstrate careful management of waste (and sustainable practice across the board), you will teach others including your staff that these practices are worth the time, effort and money. By setting an example, you will encourage other companies to follow suit and may also teach employees the value of sustainable waste management practices. This knowledge and its resulting skills are transferable, which means your staff will likely begin to take these attitudes and practices out of the workplace and back home. As sustainable practice is something that needs adopting across every aspect of life, teaching these valuable skills and setting the standard will help bolster sustainable practice that extends outside of the workplace.  

Disposing of PPE for Health and Safety 

Aside from the ‘bigger picture’ motivations for engaging with controlled waste management, another important motivating factor is the reduction of risk in the workplace. Poorly disposed PPE may simply end up in places that it should not be. If not landfill, it could be left somewhere that causes a hazard to workers and the public’s safety. Other than causing obvious hazards such as trip risks, by not properly disposing of PPE you run the risk of it falling back into use. If expired or damaged PPE is not put somewhere that marks it as unusable, there’s a likelihood that it may be picked up and put back to work.  

Construction PPE Recycling

Recycling PPE is a great solution to the issue of construction PPE waste. CMT is now offering PPE recycling services, where we will take your disposed PPE and workwear and process it so it can have a new lease of life. Our service will provide you with PPE disposal units, with a variety of sizes available so you can choose the one suitable for your business. We will arrange collection at a regularity that suits you, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the PPE waste your company produces will be disposed of ethically and with minimal impact on the environment. It also helps prevent you from being subject to fines for poorly disposed of PPE. [caption id="attachment_1422" align="alignnone" width="860"]PPE recycling service process How our PPE recycling works[/caption] Not only is this a great way to reduce your company’s impact on the planet, which is necessary to the countries achievement of net-zero goals, but it also helps to protect your brand. Proper disposal with strong security (provided by lockable disposal units) means that you protect yourself from potential brand identity theft. PPE recycling is a responsible way to minimise waste and reduce the number of risks to your business’ wellbeing, not just through the pandemic but everyday. If you would like to learn more about the PPE recycling service now offered by CMT, get in touch today.
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