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The ‘Beast from the East’ Returns!
Harry Haines / CMT Group Blog
The ‘Beast from the East’ Returns!

At CMT, our approach is to use expert industry knowledge and couple this with scientific data to provide clients with industry-leading information and products. With a strong motivation to develop with our clients, we have continuously developed our R&D team. We don’t just provide a wide range of high-quality products; we’re looking to add value way past the point of sale – we want to become the ‘go-to’ platform for product information, industry news and innovation.

What do the experts suggest?  

The Global Forecast System (GFS) is a weather forecasting model produced by the National Centres for Environmental Predictions (NCEP). Demand for this data has increased exponentially in recent years, with construction sites across the UK using data to help plan projects, source materials and account for unwanted weather restrictions.

 According to the GFS, we’re expecting a considerable dip in temperature in the UK. A sub-zero wind chill is travelling down from Russia (See Image 1). A replica of the ‘Beast from the East’ that tore through the UK in 2018 is on the horizon.Expected to arrive in the UK on the 17th of Novemberwe better be ready for icy roads, harsh winds and damp clothes.  

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail 

We have closely monitored weather forecasts for the last week. We’ve seen enough evidence to suggest these forecasts are accurate. It’s our responsibility to make you aware. To do this we are running a 10% discount on all our Winter Essentials across our CMT site. This discount can be obtained by using the code WINTER20 at checkout. This year we have an even wider range of discounted products that range from beanie hats to the steel toecap wellingtons and much more. We are also ready to take on bulk order requests for winter workwear that can be personalised to your requirements.  

Remember enter "WINTER20" at discount to active the promotion and save 10% on all Winter Essentials. 


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