About Us


CMT Equipment was founded in 2010, with our now comprehensive range once consisting of just a few product
lines. Our team's ambition has driven us from what was once a small equipment supplier in the South-East of
England, becoming the UK's leading independent supplier and sustainably enhancing the safety of your team.


As one of the fastest growing companies in the UK for supplying construction, we're the one-stop supplier for your
requirements whether it be hand tools, diamond blades, PPE, consumables and many other supplies. In addition to our extensive stocking capabilities, we have
an in-house manufacturing department, allowing us to supply you with products bearing your company logo; whether it be a sign or hi-vis vest, we can
get you everything you need to site - FAST!


With a strong internal team and extensive operational reach, we're now the most reliable supplier in the UK for deliveries in construction.

In addition to this heavy focus on speed, our online customer portal gives you complete autonomy and transparency from requisition through to delivery.

Working with established brands such as JSP, Plant Nappy, and OTEC to name a few, has helped place us at the forefront of the industry and a major player in product development.


Our internal R&D and passion to provide the highest quality, has ensured our products meet the very best standards and regulations to give you peace of mind; the safety of your team is our mission.

We operate globally, with over 10 locations worldwide and supply a variety of industries. Whether you require construction tools, PPE, general
consumables and even healthcare products, you can trust us to create all your solutions, delivery quality, and sustain a seamless supply.
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