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Contractors Tools & Groundworks

Contractors Tools & Groundworks

Complete Supply of Contractors Tools and Groundworks

As a proud supplier of Contractors tools and Groundworks, we offer the ultimate range of hand tools, equipment and machinery for all construction sites. Over the past 10 years, we have been a crucial part of some of the biggest construction projects across the UK. As experts in the construction industry we understand at every level what equipment is needed and therefore can aid all tooling requirements and essentials. With over a 100 different and specific tooling products available we adhere to all construction site demands.

Right place, right job & right tools

Groundwork tools are crucial for all jobs regardless of the project size. At CMT we often say 'a man is only as good as the tools he uses'. The correct tools promote trust which significantly speed up the process and make life that much easier, after all CMT's ethos is to ensure we make construction stress-free. Our incredible, reliable and safe selection of quality-tools and groundwork equipment means we cater for all needs, jobs and projects. The following tools are regularly used on construction sites; Spirt Levels, Tool Bags, Wheelbarrows and much much more.

Helping to reduce risk across all projects

Our foundations were built upon safety and we believe all construction sites should be audited regularly to protect all parties involved on construction sites.

Why not reduce the risk of losing those ever important tools and utilise one of our customer favourite engineer bags. Designed with the consumer in mind they have internal dividers, external pockets and high-vis elements, you won’t be losing anything anytime soon.

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