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  • Diamond Blades

    Our unique knowledge of diamond blades puts us a cut above the rest.

    Diamond saw blades are one of our specialities - it was the first product line we brought to market. It's our bread and butter. Whatever the task at hand, we will have a diamond cutting blade that fits the bill. Hard bricks to delicate ceramics, there’s a specification that will work for your needs.

    Our multi-purpose blades are fantastic for all-round use but we also have specialised cutting blades for concrete as well as saw blades for very hard material such as granite and marble. If you work on the highways, our asphalt cutting blades are a must.

    We have a wide range of blades but special attention needs to be given to our premium diamond range from OTEC.

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  • Personal Protective Equipment

    A range of PPE for all manner of environments, from medical to construction, safety is high on our agenda.

    It’s no secret that personal protective equipment is vital for mitigating threats to the wellbeing of workers. The risk of accidents, injury and death must be reduced as much as possible. 
    Construction PPE covers a wide range of equipment and workwear that serves to keep the user protected from various situational risks. Think the basics like hard hats, steel toe boots, hi-vis clothing and protective gloves. For more specialised situations, where chemicals and fumes are involved, specific equipment such as HAZMAT suits and breathing apparatus is required.
    We work closely with governing bodies and the healthcare and nursing sector, ensuring our range of Medical PPE provides adequate protection reducing the risk of virus transmission maintaining excellent hygiene. From respiratory equipment to sanitiser stations, we cater for all PPE and hygiene equipment requirements.
  • Site Safety and Signage

    From own-branded safety signage to traffic management solutions, CMT has the equipment to keep the workforce and the public safe.

    Safety signage can come in the form of site signs, cone signs, road signs and wall charts. Whilst signs are no substitute for proper training, they are an important way of making sure safety information is remembered and accessible to those not familiar with the area or processes. Simplicity and clarity are key to ensure functional signage, so clear messages with universal symbolism and colouring make for the most useful safety signage. See our range of site safety here.

    We provide an array of health and safety equipment to ensure all risks are mitigated. Traffic management equipment ensures workers remain safe, a steady flow of traffic is maintained and pedestrians remain informed of works. Access equipment and barriers are essential when working in hazardous locations i.e. rail lines or working at heights.

  • Printing and Embroidery Services

    A huge workwear range with bespoke detailing and branding provided.

    At CMT, we offer both heat transfers and embroidery. All workwear garments can have own brand detail. Our lead time of 2 days supersedes any in the industry.

    Heat transfer is best for larger, more intricate designs and images. This method works well for lighter items of clothing such as reflective vests and jackets.

    Alternatively, the embroidered method creates a clean, stitched image that is great for text and simple company logos. This method is excellent for workwear items such as fleeces and polo shirts and has the added benefit of increased durability compared to the heat transfer method.

We're Backed By Customer Satisfaction

What an incredible 2 years! After the first order back in March 2017, the relationship we have with CMT has grown significantly. It must be said that the construction industry is full of empty promises and purchasing can be an extremely stressful task. The combination of top-quality products and an incomparable delivery service has improved our efficiency considerably. Look forward to continued growth with CMT.

Janette, Kaberry Construction 

I have always found CMT to be a flexible and an adaptable company and a pleasure to do business with!.

Procurement Manager, Major Civils Company

We have in the last 12 months developed an incredible relationship with CMT. Our task is to ensure jobs are completed to a high standard and on time. Working collaboratively with CMT has meant we’ve managed to complete over 12 jobs in such a short amount of time.

GM, Local Company

CMT have allowed us to complete a number of different tasks within 3 months. Having strong ties with a supplier is crucial to what we do. Building this relationship has meant we’ve been able to smash deadlines and take on additional work. I would recommend all transport managers inquire with the specialists at CMT to see what possibilities are available. Thanks CMT!

Procurement Lead, Groundworks

Our order has been delivered already today (9.50am) and chocolates as well - very impressed! .

Senior Buyer, Civils

The customer service is received is second to none. You have a brilliant support team that are there every step of the way. Would recommend to anyone.

Secretary, Surfacing Company

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