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Diamond Blades, Cutting & Drilling

Diamond Blades, Cutting & Drilling

Tough Materials? Shop our Performance Diamond Blades & Tools

Diamond Blades have a specific purpose across multiple jobs and sizes. Small Diamonds are embedded within the cutting disc. As the blade rotates the small Diamonds will grind through the material cutting precisely to your measurements. The combination of a strong steel core, mixed with rigid diamonds amounts to a blade capable of cutting all materials.

Choosing your specific Diamond Tool is key

To determine which Diamond tool is suitable, you will need to know which material you’re cutting. The width and diameter of the diamond blade controls the size of the cut. Our quality range of diamond blades are capable of cutting various materials such as concrete, stoneceramic and multi-purpose, perfect for the construction industry. Furthermore, our performance range of diamond blades can be used for all building jobs, to ensure you have the perfect blade for every job.

Most diamond blades are designed to be used wet as they can overheat when used consistently, also the wet mitigates the level of dust that comes from cutting the object.  Multiple blades, sizes and tools available. Our cutting blade specialists are always available and customer service is a top priority at CMT.

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We advise that all our tools are used with caution. For further information on Diamond Tools check out our blog.

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