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National Apprenticeship Week 2021

February 10, 2021
This week is the 14th annual National Apprenticeship Week, a week to celebrate apprenticeships, learn about the work done by employers and apprentices, and to connect people and promote a mutually beneficial career pathway. Apprenticeships are a bringing together of learning and working. An apprentice works directly for a company to gain relevant skills and...

A Giveaway Worth Shouting About

February 1, 2021
A bundle worth £1500 is within your grasp! By this point, we hope you have already liked the giveaway post, shared the post and tagged three connections. Well, if that's the case you're almost there! You will come across a banner at the bottom of this page where you can enter your email address. Plugin...

Introducing Our New Northern Distribution Centre

January 20, 2021
We are expanding our VIP 2-hour delivery service into the North of the UK.    Our new, state-of-the-art distribution centre in Manchester improves our industry-leading service.  Our Manchester depot is no pop-up stock holding. It boasts a larger square foot than any of our distribution centres and a product inventory to admire. A trade counter...

Lockdown 3: Latest Industry News

January 12, 2021
 Lockdown number 3 is well underway, and despite the fact we all hoped to be out of the woods by now, it's more important than ever that workplaces keep up with a high standard of Covid safe practice. The first lockdown came with regulations that allowed construction work to continue despite concerns and pushback from...

Site Security - Prevention Over Intervention

December 4, 2020
  Site security is a top priority on a construction site. Intrusions and thefts affect up to 92% of the industry and can lead to severe setbacks when equipment needs replacing and damage needs fixing. Tools, equipment, and machinery are costly, making them both a keen target for thieves and an expensive thing to replace/repair...

Join The Ecobricks Community

November 12, 2020
450 years. That’s how long it takes, on average, for a plastic bottle to biodegrade completely. To put that into perspective, if a young William Shakespeare had enjoyed a modern bottle of coke back in 1569, that bottle would only just be breaking down today. This highlights two things. Firstly, it’s very easy to overlook...

Personal Protective Equipment: The Complete Guide

November 11, 2020
It’s estimated that there are around 60,000 non-fatal work related injuries a year in the construction industry, culminating in 2.1 million working days lost. Often accidents at work are preventable, and employers should always do everything in their power to ensure that work environments are controlled sufficiently to minimize the risk that work settings become...

The ‘Beast from the East’ Returns!

November 10, 2020
At CMT, our approach is to use expert industry knowledge and couple this with scientific data to provide clients with industry-leading information and products. With a strong motivation to develop with our clients, we have continuously developed our R&D team. We don’t just provide a wide range of high-quality products; we’re looking to add value way past the point of sale – we want to become the ‘go-to’ platform for product information, industry...

COVID-19 and the impact on breast cancer support

October 28, 2020
When life ground to a halt nearly 11 months ago, it wasn’t just brunch dates that were missed. With many services and programmes put on hold, it’s estimated that around 1 million women missed out on the opportunity to attend potentially life-saving NHS breast cancer screenings and the repercussions of this could mean around 8,600...

Pink Protection Introduction

October 13, 2020
Back in October, CMT proudly announced an exciting partnership with Breast Cancer Now. Charities have certainly struggled in recent times. Many organisations are struggling to stay afloat, public health services reaching breaking point; a double blow for individuals suffering from the ill effects of Breast Cancer. Right now, an estimated 600,000 people are living with a...

International Women's Day 2020

March 9, 2020
#EachforEqual. We’ve just celebrated International Women’s Day– an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women across the world, and to call for gender parity. It’s an event that spans borders and industries, and it’s been celebrated since 1911. What does it mean for construction? Traditionally, we’re an industry that’s male-dominated. Areas such as culture, inflexible...

Online Order Tracking

February 3, 2020
  What do you receive when you order with CMT? When you buy CMT’s products, many perks are included in our delivery service so you receive the best customer service possible. We can provide you with same day delivery if you order by 11:00 AM, for those early bird orders. Our delivery team offers any...

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