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International Women's Day 2020

March 9, 2020
#EachforEqual. We’ve just celebrated International Women’s Day– an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women across the world, and to call for gender parity. It’s an event that spans borders and industries, and it’s been celebrated since 1911. What does it mean for construction? Traditionally, we’re an industry that’s male-dominated. Areas such as...

Online Order Tracking

February 3, 2020
  What do you receive when you order with CMT? When you buy CMT’s products, many perks are included in our delivery service so you receive the best customer service possible. We can provide you with same day delivery if you order by 11:00 AM, for those early bird orders. Our delivery...

Safe Site – What Is Metatarsal protection?

January 23, 2020
  What Is Metatarsal protection? Working in the construction industry, there are many health and safety hazards. This is due to the heavy duty equipment used, or any drops and falls. Dropping something as small as a hammer could break your foot. Metatarsal foot protection is designed to prevent or reduce injuries when the toe...

Working At Height - The Risks

January 8, 2020
  Working at height can be dangerous if you have not measured the risk factors, or taken the appropriate health and safety protocols. Falls from height have major life changing or fatal consequences. These include death, paralysis, multiple fractures, or brain damage (from falling objects). A clumsy accident could change yours, or someone else’s life. ...

5 reasons to use e-invoicing

July 16, 2019
In this technological day and age, where autonomous vans could be delivering your groceries and you can have a conversation with your smart speaker, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly making use of software to integrate with their customers and suppliers. Electronic data interchange provides a more secure and error-proof alternative to traditional means...

Nine interesting facts that make concrete cool

March 14, 2019
The Rise of Concrete Concrete is the most used material on this planet other than water. Since it is so versatile and durable, it can be used in so many different ways. Fact 1 - Ancient The history of concrete dates back to a few thousand years before Christ. The Ancient Romans were the first...

GDPR in 9½ points

May 24, 2018
1) It’s a new law coming into the EU on the 25th May 2018 that gives people control over what companies do with their data   2) It’s about any data that can be traced back to a person – name, email, mobile number, height etc   3) In a nutshell, companies have to be...

Graphene concrete changes things for the construction industry

April 25, 2018
A new technique, pioneered by scientists at Exeter University, have used nano engineering technology to incorporate graphene into traditional concrete production. Set to revolutionise the construction industry, the new material produced is more than twice as strong and four times more water resistant than existing concrete.  It also reduces the carbon footprint of conventional...

Over 500 towers planned for London

April 18, 2018
Latest research from New London Architecture (NLA) and GL Hearn has revealed that London has 510 tall buildings over 20-storeys in the planning pipeline.  There are also a record 115 towers under construction in the capital. More than 90% of tall buildings coming forward are residential and have the potential to delivery 106,000 new...

Gatwick rail station revamp

April 10, 2018
Network Rail and Gatwick Airport have submitted fresh plans to redevelop the railway station at the airport. The project, which has been on the cards for several years with Costain, involves a £120m expansion project.  The proposal submitted aims at reducing crowding at the station, improve passenger flow and provide better connections between the...

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