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For more than a decade, CMT has striven to get you everything you need to site - fast. With that goal in mind, we've not only expanded our operational capabilities, including warehousing and delivery fleet expansions but have increased our buying power so we can go beyond our catalogue.

With a professional range of Hand, Groundworking, and power tools in addition to a cast PPE & Site Safety range, we're poised to sustainably enhance the safety of your team.

An in-house Research & Development team has not only allowed us to decrease the impact of our products but also create efficient solutions for your day-to-day problems.

Whether it be temporary fencing, site offices or generators, you can trust us to be the 'one-stop-shop supplier for all your site solutions.

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Introduction to the CMT Site Services Team

Our passion for innovation goes beyond the name, so much so that the Site Services Team is your point of contact for all your site setup needs.

We provide a variety of innovations with both a quick and reliable turnaround - where you see a problem, we see a solution!

"Nearly 9 in 10 large construction projects are behind schedule following pandemic disruptions"
- Construction News

With the consistent delays in projects being delivered on time, we're here to not only reduce these delays but also improve upon your existing site setup plant, equipment and PPE.

Temporary Fencing & Barrier Solutions

Pedestrian & Walkthrough Barriers

Our pedestrian barriers are manufactured to the highest quality, with a fully welded configuration offering strength and longevity. 

Hook and Eye connectors are compatible with other products on the market and are applicable for most scenarios. 

Ideal for use in construction & civils projects as well as public events and hire companies.

Temporary Fencing

Round-top and square options are available with a quick turnaround, allowing you to swiftly ensure the security and safety of your project.

With an easy-to-assemble design and versatility when used in conjunction with couplers and feet (both sold separately), these are a no-brainer investment which can be used in multiple scenarios, such as on construction sites, outdoor events, and private spaces.

The accessories we have made available, further enhance the benefits of the temporary fencing and their application across your sites, e.g. stabilisers, reflective strips, various sheeting and barriers.

Pedestrian & Vehicle Access Gates

Both pedestrian and vehicle models are for use with temporary fencing panels to create a gateway between section areas.

Designed from high-quality galvanised steel, these are compatible with square and round-top temporary fencing, creating
a secure point of access for staff, visitors and deliveries to your site.

Each comes with castor wheels, providing a smooth opening and closing mechanism, with a sliding latch featured on the centre of the gates which can securely lose the gates in tandem with a padlock (sold separately).

Thermoplastic feet are sold separately and required to maintain the gates upright after a seamless integration.

Police Crowd Barrier

These police barriers are built to withstand the most challenging environments, utilising a specialised base structure to maximise stability and prevent sliding, also featuring a unique locking system to prevent dismantlement unless starting from one end, working your way to the other.

This solution is ideal for high-security areas supported by its mesh infill improving upon its longevity.

Barrier & Fencing Stillages

Our solution for temporary fencing storage – the Temporary Fence Stillage.

These heavy-duty stillages are made from steel with galvanised and powder-coated options available.

The integrated forklift pockets allow for easy transportation across your site and are stackable, helping to make your storage even more efficient.

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Hoarding Solutions

The ultimate answer to maximising the security of your sites. Manufactured to the highest degree in the UK, we offer configurations from panelling to pedestrian and vehicle gates.

The variable options we supply, ensure that you get nothing less than industry-leading quality and speed when it comes to your hoarding requirements on-site.

Steel Hoardings

CMT hoarding panels are made from galvanised steel and have a robust design offering maximum strength against the harshest environment. Improving upon the temporary fencing, the hoarding features a box-profile sheet finish, providing full privacy to your site.

Pedestrian Gates

A pre-galvanised steel pedestrian gate, compatible with steel hoarding. Features a castor swivel wheel allowing a simple open and close mechanism.

With a sliding latch bolt similar to the temporary fencing gates, locks (sold separately) are applicable to guarantee maximised security.

Vehicle Access Gates

A vehicle-suitable iteration of the gates to suit our steel hoarding.

Also made from pre-galvanised steel likewise to the hoarding pedestrian gates, featuring castor swivel wheels and sliding latch bolts.

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Site Offices & Security Huts

All purpose eco huts

Introducing the world’s most sustainable cabin. With an almost 100% solar-powered unit and a customisable fit-out of the cabins, we can assure a vast reduction in cost, maintenance, environmental impact, and reduced fuel & waste.

Comprised of a solar-panelled roof, a 3.5Kva emergency generator, microflush toilets, a sustainable 100% steel structure, rain-harvesting & grey water recycling system among other innovative features, you can bring your site to an efficient, and sustainable standard

Modular Buildng Solutions

A fully comprehensive service, from design and planning, through to, building manufacture and installation, groundworks, and commissioning.

Key benefits:

• Flexibility to create large open-plan spaces
• Can be used for a wide range of functions
• Rapid build speed - when compared to
traditional building methods
• More cost-effective than traditional builds
• Additional modules can be added to
increase capacity

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WC & Changing Room Lockers


Essential for the modern construction site are lockers to store employee workwear & PPE. With two models featuring a drying fan system, these improve the conditions of a site with a cabinet to store many pairs of boots, and an alternative fit-out suited to storing employee workwear.

The drying room cabinet allows you to store 10 sets of workwear and transparent lamellas. Lamellas protect the chamber against excessive heat loss and facilitates the drying process.

The rack for storing shoes/boots consists of 20 tubes on which they can be hung, with warm air flowing through the pipes and getting inside the shoes, effectively drying them. The cabinet is suitable for all types of workwear & shoes/boots.

Fan speed control allows you to change the airflow speed, and the temperature. Along with a resettable fuse and thermal protection, these increase the safety of the product in the event of improper operation, protecting the unit and preventing breakdowns.

Cabinets are also equipped with a soundproofing mat that reduces the noise generated when the drying function is active

Key benefits:

  • 5-year warranty (according to the warranty
    conditions for Malow products
  • Cabinets intended for drying clothes and shoes in
    dry and ventilated internal rooms
  • Cabinets are equipped with two handles for
    moving the cabinet
  • The cabinets are soundproofed
  • Cabinets are equipped with levelling feet
  • Automatic timer that is easily adjustable from 1 second to 10 days. Default set to 5 hours
  • 1600 W cabinets (1500 Wheater, 100 W fan)
  • The heating and ventilation module is responsible
    for the automation
  • Suitable for 230 V 50 Hz AC
  • Cabinets are delivered complete and do not
    require assembly
  • As standard, the cabinets are equipped with
    thermal protection and a resettable fuse
  • Welded structure, additionally reinforced with
    welds that stiffen and strengthen the structure

Automatic timer switch

Adjustable feet

Made from galvanised steel

Cabinets come assembled




Boot Room Cabinet

Dimensions: 840 x 1420 x 530mm

• 20 tubes for hanging and drying shoes
• Two handles for moving the cabinet
• Adjustable levelling feet
• Automatic timer switch

Drying Room Cabinet

Dimensions: 1970 x 1420 x 530mm

• Clothes bar for 10 sets of work clothes
• 20 tubes for hanging and drying shoes
• Two handles for moving the cabinet
• Adjustable levelling feet
• Automatic timer switch

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Green Generator

The two iterations of our sustainable power generators result in seamless and sustainable energy for any event, construction site, and beyond. The PWR2 model maximises the use of battery power between diesel generators or renewable sources and stored energy.

POWR2 solutions reduce CO2 emissions, save fuel costs, and increase profitability.

Low maintenance with a long asset life, POWRBANKs are a perfect fit for your rental fleet. Energy storage reduces diesel engine runtime, increasing unit life and decreasing maintenance costs via servicing frequency; from once every 1-2 weeks, to once every two months.

"Clean and silent, the future of industrial energy storage."

CO2 Emission Free

Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% when compared to running a diesel generator alone.

Efficient Software Operation

Remote asset management for reporting, control and power intelligence.


Enjoy extended periods free from engine noise.

Fuel Consumption Savings

Significantly reduce engine hours and fuel consumption.

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Solar Site Lighting

Store solar energy and use it at night with our solar-powered street light. Zero local emissions, fully automatic, sustainable lighting towers.

Our solar-powered street lights have a fully automatic operation and zero local emissions. During daylight hours solar energy is collected and stored in the batteries. In low light or night-time, the powerful LED auto activates when movement is detected within 10m of the light. Once the movement has stopped, after a few minutes, the light will dim to 20%. This means that the solar light towers will only work when you need them to, so you do not need to worry about turning them on and off.

The lights are controllable by Bluetooth connection on a mobile smartphone or tablet. You can guarantee optimum levels of convenience and practicality when using our solar-powered lighting towers on your site. Optional 5m telescopic pole with a winch system. 10m PIR sensor range & 15m illumination area.

Standard 3m fixed pole has a 10m PIR sensor range & 10m illumination area.

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Plant Nappy

How it works

Plant Nappy sits under a huge range of plant machinery and hand-held equipment to adsorb oil and prevent it from reaching the ground, protecting the environment


Allows rainfall to escape at a considerable rate but also filters out any oil residue that may have been picked up by water.


Liners offer the same features as the internal base but with one key difference, the liner is removable.

  Internal Base

The base offers rapid adsorption of oils and fuels, but more importantly, traps the oil in one place.

  Base Layer

Contains an oil soak filter, which means that the plant nappy captures any spillage.

Abrasion Resistant

To withstand the harshest of site environments and still perform.

Fire Retardent

The product's materials have been chosen to be self-extinguishing. 

High Tensile Strength

Made from the toughest materials whilst also being portable and flexible.

UV Resistant

Excellent resistance to colour fade and UV breakdown.

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Proscaf’s clever yet simple modular system of scaffolding and edge protection gives maximum versatility with high performance using minimal parts and effort.

The bolt-free ring lock rosette connections provide 8 connections on each level – four at fixed and four at variable angles, making the system versatile for simple and complex sites alike. Without the need for bolts, Proscaf can be single-handedly assembled three times faster than traditional tube and clip systems.


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Edge Protection Systems

The SafeSmart Access AdaptaPanel is a heavy-duty edge protection system which has been designed, engineered, and tested to be used on both civil and construction projects. Feature(s) of this edge protection system are:

  • Heavy-duty welded box section steel frame makes it ideal for use as both temporary or semi-permanent edge protection
  • Posts bolt to slab edge, and slide-in panels are secured with a fixing bolt
  • Long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing galvanised finish. Sliding safety latches retain mesh panels preventing unintentional lift-off
  • Available in multiple post heights: 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0mH
  • The 1.0mH & 2.0mH are ideal for high rise construction and to assist with PEZ (perimeter exclusion zone)
  • Posts can be positioned anywhere along the panel
  • Panels may be stacked in stillages for easy storage and transport
  • Designed to meet relevant design and load requirements of AS4994.1:2009 “Temporary edge protection” standard and AS1657:2018

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