The Ultimate Towable Site Welfare Cabin

The Ultimate Towable Site Welfare Cabin
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The Ultimate Towable Site Welfare Cabin

A fully solar powered canteen, office, two WC's and a drying room - fully deployed in under 2 minutes

Introducing the Deep Green towable site welfare cabin - on the surface, a pretty neat space for your workforce to prepare meals, eat, relax, work, dry workwear and use the WC, however, this welfare cabin is a little smarter and a lot more energy efficient than most of its counterparts.

  • Roof-mounted solar panels which power all of the cabin's electrical operations for at least 10 months per year on average24/7
  • Remote monitoring and reporting of energy production, consumption and generator run time
  • Remote access to fuel, water and waste levels
  • Long-life highly resistant stainless steel build with a 25-year manufacturer anti-corrosion warranty
  • 3.5kVA Stage 5 backup generator with a built-in particulate filter
  • Patented Infinity generator has 2000h service intervals, 8 x longer than standard
  • Ultra-efficient electrical system cuts energy wastage
  • Safe long-lasting 5.12kWh Lithium Ion battery stores energy
  • Rainwater harvesting and recycling system (WM ProTM - patent-pending)
  • HVO biofuel powered back-up generator and heating system, cutting net carbon emissions by 90%
  • Female/Male toilets featuring Micro-flush freshwater toilets and odourless/waterless urinals to save water
  • All towable cabins have VCA Type Approval under Directive 2007/46/EC
  • Complaint with all HSE on-site welfare standards
  • Safe and easy to transport, easy to operate
  • Super-fast setup with electric hydraulic 4-ram system deploying in under 2 minutes
  • High-security full-steel build with anti-vandal doors, windows and shutters

Solar Powered

100% of Energy needs supplied by solar panels with 3.5kVA emergency generator.

Near Zero Emissions

A combination of almost 100% solar panels and HVO biofuel use results in near-zero CO2 emissions.

Rain Harvesting

Reduce service visits by 66% on average thanks to the patented rain harvesting and grey water recycling system.

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor energy use and production, tank levels and faults thanks to SOLARTrack™.

Water Saving

Fitted with micro flush toilets that use 0.5 litres of water per flush (90% less than standard) and waterless urinals.

Sustainable Build

Extended lifespan thanks to its 100% stainless steel build and comes with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

Cost Saving

Significant savings on fuel costs as well as toilet and generator servicing charges. 


Made using 97.2% recyclable materials to ensure minimal end-of-life impact.

Energy Saving

Fitted with a highly efficient electrical system designed for the lowest levels of energy consumption.

HVO Biofuel

Natural renewable energy – 90% cut in net carbon emissions plus reduced NOx, SOx, Benzene and Particulate Matter.

Reduced Servicing

Patented generator with 2000-hour service interval cuts cost and environmental impact of service visits.

Dedicated Support

Comprehensive aftercare service with a fleet of nationwide engineers, training plus online and phone support.

Why should I invest in a site welfare cabin?

Increased productivity and wellbeing

Providing your workforce with clean, modern, purpose-built facilities including a food preparation area, a dining area, offices and a drying room will inevitably boost productivity and well-being among your workforce.

Save space on site 

Typically a site kitchen, canteen, office, drying room and washrooms would be scattered across the site, a site welfare cabin like the Deep Green Cabin allows all essential site facilities to conveniently be in one, carefully designed place with its own self-sufficient power supply.

Save on cost

Thanks to its environmentally friendly features including but not limited to its solar panels, patented generator, waterless urinals and more - the Eco Cabin will save you a fortune on costs you would otherwise endure, such as portaloos, to heavy-fuel generators, frequent servicing and electricity. 

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