Work Lights

Illuminate your workspace with our versatile LED work lights range. Our selection of professional-grade high-quality LED work lights offers superior brightness and durability.

Festoon Lighting

Designed for durability and reliability, our festoon lights are engineered to withstand the toughest site conditions. Illuminate your workspace effectively today.


We've hand-selected a range of rugged torches essential for any site.

Wearable & Accessories

From head torches, to beanies and cone lights - we've got you covered.

Solar Street Lighting

Interested in sustainable lighting solutions for your site or event? Enquire today.


Power your site with our range of robust 110V transformers, built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty work environments.

3 Step Guide: How to Claim Your FREE Beanie

3 Step Guide: How to claim your FREE LED Headlight Beanie:

1. Add the beanie to your order

2. Build an order value worth £200 or more

3. Checkout - you will see that a discount of 100% has been applied to the beanie at the checkout!

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